Shipping Container Pools


As a reader of this blog, you know that these conex boxes can be repurposed into many different uses — mobile office units, storage boxes, refrigeration units — just to name a few.

It makes sense to find another use for these conex boxes because most containers only make a one way trip from Asia. After that, these shipping containers need to find a new job besides shipping cargo.

But one of the more recent developments is the container industry is the demand for containers used for residential swimming pools. People caught on to idea of container pools a long time ago, but with the massive exodus from the cities into rural areas after the pandemic, the demand for shipping container pools has exploded.


While I have never seen one in person, it seems to make a lot of sense to me.

Pools from Conex boxes are usually less expensive than a traditional concrete pool. You can also potentially take it with you after you leave — obviously there will be transportation costs when you move it.

The whisper price for a container pool depending on where you are is about $60,000 for a 40′ x 8′ pool made from a 40′ container. That’s a pretty penny but it’s still less than it costs to build a new pool.

Pool suppliers usually pick conex containers that have only been used once and have zero (or minimal) dents.

Container pools can sit at ground level, just beneath ground level, or make it complately out-of-ground pool. Many of these pools have the option to add a window on the side to add some character to the pool.

These pools come “out of the box” so all you need to do is hook them up with the appropriate power connection and they are ready to go.

Most of the buyers of these pools come from residential pools but it’s also a cool way to add some flare to a hotel, restaurant or bar. Even if it’s not used, it still adds to the ambiance of a place.

I want to see some rich guy turn one of these containers into an enormous fish tank but I am still waiting on that.

ConexCentral does not sell conex container pools but if you are the DIY-type, give us a call or fill out a quote on our home page for a estimate for a used shipping container to be delivered to you.